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Bird & Wild features in Vegan Food & Living Magazine Blog

Excellent article from Vegan Food & Living Magazine about eco friendly coffee and the concept of Vegan Coffee, which you can read in its entirety by visiting their website by clicking here.

This informative article includes a contribution from Bird & Wild Coffee as follows

"Guy Wilmot, founder of coffee company Bird & Wild, agrees with the importance of continuing traditional practices.

“Coffee grows naturally in the shade as part of a forest or jungle ecosystem. Sadly, the majority of coffee plantations across the globe have become “sun grown” since the 1970s, which means that coffee is grown out in the open and fed with vast amounts of water, fertilisers and pesticides as a mono-culture with little other life to speak of, so no trees or bushes and no insects or life for wildlife to feed on."

In short, almost no biodiversity to speak of and a short-termist outlook that degrades the soil rapidly. Shade grown coffee is the opposite of all that, so think biodiversity and coffee agriculture balanced with nature that will last for generations to come.”


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