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Free UK shipping over £35


We are new to the world and welcome inquiries from the Press, Bloggers or Influencers.

If you are from the Press and would like to get in touch, please email Guy Wilmot @ 

Please help us spread the word about Shade Grown Bird Friendly Coffee through our partnership with the RSPB.


Sustainable Business Awards

We've recently won the following awards:


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Ethical Consumer Top Buy

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Speciality Food Magazine, April 2019

Vegan Food & Living Magazine, March 2019


New Producer Awards 2018, Bird & Wild in Top 40, Speciality Food Magazine, September 2018



Ethical Consumer Magazine - Rated No 1 Ethical Coffee, February 2019


BBC Wildlife Magazine, September 2019

You can view the whole article on Bird Friendly Coffee in BBC Wildlife Magazine here: 

Pyschologies Magazine, January 2021