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Guest Blog Post, Part 2, Emma Abel at AbelMosaics

Coffee, Birds  and Mosaics!


Hello again Bird & Wild coffee lovers, you may remember back in February I was mosaicing the beautiful Peruvian game bird Sira Curassow.  

Although helped by Bird & Wild’s brilliant Forest Farm initiative, it remains one of 31 critically endangered birds in South America so I hope to promote awareness through this mosaic which is finally complete!   

Some fun facts…..

55 x 43cm                            Size

80 hours                              make time

22 Colours                           9 green/blue,  8 black/grey/brown,   4 cream,white,  1 red

5 mosaic materials           Stained Glass, Ceramic, Marble, Vitreous glass, Fused Glass (beak, eye, legs)

4 grouts                               black, anthracite, mid grey, pale grey

Final images below:


Discover abelmosaics at  specialising in endangered wildlife, aiming to give species “on the brink” a small platform through mosaic art.   To buy Sira Curassow please contact me via my website.  Commissions welcomed, 10% donated to wildlife charities.



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