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Bird & Wild Fairtrade Organic Instant Coffee, 100% Arabica, 100g Jar (50 Servings)

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  • Bird & Wild 100% Arabica Fairtrade Organic Instant Coffee - the RSPB's official coffee - 6% of all sales are donated to the RSPB Charity.
  • 100g Jar - equivalent to 50 cups of instant coffee!
  • Fairtrade & Organic Certified - 100% Arabica high quality premium instant coffee. Glass jar - 100% recyclable.
  • Cupping Notes: Medium roasted, Bird & Wild's high quality instant coffee is 100% Arabica, clean and balanced, and with chocolate and biscuit notes.
  • Instructions: Pour a tea spoon of granules (approx. 2 grams), add freshly boiled hot water and stir, then enjoy with or without milk.

How much have we donated to the RSPB so far?

£20,000 donated by Bird & Wild to the RSPB since 2017.