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Organic Instant Coffee 100% Arabica 100g Jar - 100g

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Bird & Wild's 100% Arabica Organic Instant Coffee stands out as a remarkable blend that marries exceptional quality with a commitment to environmental stewardship.  At the heart of Bird & Wild's instant coffee is 100% Arabica beans - know for its sweeter, softer taste and higher acidity. Arabica beans are often viewed as the superior choice amongst coffee connoisseurs, offering a refined flavour that is both rich and complex.

Being organic, Bird & Wild’s instant coffee is grown without harmful synthetic pesticides and fertilizers and the farmers responsible for its cultivation are compensated fairly for their labour. Such practices are crucial for consumers who place a high value on the ethical and environmental implications of their purchases.

Bird & Wild has partnered with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), a UK charity dedicated to the conservation of birds and wildlife, and donate 6% of all sales to the RSPB, Bird & Wild aligns itself with conservation efforts, an initiative likely to resonate with environmentally conscious consumers.

Cup Profile

Bird & Wild's instant coffee is medium-roasted with delightful chocolate and biscuit notes, and a rich and balanced flavour profile.

100g jar can yield approximately 50 cups, which makes it an economical choice.

100% recyclable glass jar.

How to make?

Instructions: Pour a tea spoon of granules (approx. 2 grams), add freshly boiled hot water and stir, then enjoy with or without milk or sugar.

Organic Instant Coffee 100% Arabica 100g Jar - Bird & Wild - Bird & Wild Coffee
Organic Instant Coffee 100% Arabica 100g Jar - 100g Sale price£7.99

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