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Organic Coffee

Bird & Wild coffee is proudly Organic and is certified 100% Organic by the Soil Association in the UK.

Organic food is food produced by methods that comply with the standards of organic farming, striving to cycle resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity by not using pesticides and fertilizers in farming as well as not using irradiation, industrial solvents or synthetic food additives.How we farm really does affect the quality of the food we eat. Ground-breaking research published in the British Journal of Nutrition has found significant nutritional differences between organic and non-organic farming.

In 2014, the team at Newcastle University found organic crops are up to 60% higher in a number of key antioxidants than conventionally-grown ones.

A new study, released in the British Journal of Nutrition, has also shown that both organic milk and meat contain around 50% more beneficial omega-3 fatty acids than conventionally produced products.

Other organic health facts:

  • Organic milk and meat contain around 50% more omega-3 fatty acids than non-organic.
  • Organic meat has lower concentrations of two saturated fats
  • Organic milk and dairy contains higher concentrations of iron, Vitamin E and some carotenoids
  • Organically produced crops (cereals, fruit and vegetables) have up to 68% more antioxidants than non-organic.
  • Organic fruit and vegetables contain lower concentrations of pesticides and the toxic heavy metal cadmium.

In the UK, the Soil Association is the leading membership charity campaigning for healthy, humane and sustainable food, farming and land use, which certifies products as organic.

The Soil Association (SA) delivers its charitable aims under three strategic themes:

  • Working with farmers, growers and researchers, SA is championing practical solutions to farming's modern day challenges.
  • SA is making good food available in nurseries, schools, universities, hospitals, care homes, workplaces and on the high street through its Soil Association Catering mark.
  • As an Organic Certifier, SA works with over 6,000 businesses, which operate without chemicals, make and serve healthier food and educate their customers.


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