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Article: It’s all about the soil…

It’s all about the soil… - Bird & Wild Coffee

It’s all about the soil…

Bird & Wild recently donated coffee bags for goodie bags at various Soil Association events including their most recent Premiere of the inspiring documentary called “Six Inches of Soil”,which delves into the critical issues surrounding the environment, the future of farming and the necessity for sustainable agricultural practices.

We invite you to join us in supporting this important cause by watching "Six Inches of Soil." The documentary is screening at various locations across the UK and is an eye-opening exploration of the environmental challenges we face and the solutions that sustainable farming can offer.

The film really highlights the vital role that healthy soil plays in our ecosystem and the urgent need to adopt farming methods that protect and nurture our land.

Our collaboration with the Soil Association is a source of immense pride for us and underscores our shared dedication to sustainable farming and the preservation of our natural resources. See below some photos from the event.

By working together, we aim to bring greater awareness to the importance of responsible farming practices that benefit both the environment and our communities.

To celebrate the premiere, we donated Bird & Wild coffee to be included in the goodie bags for attendees to help contribute to spreading the message of sustainability.

Just as we champion shade-grown coffee for its benefits to biodiversity and bird habitats, the Soil Association brings attention to both local and global farming practices. They emphasise how we should treat the land we farm on with respect and care to ensure its health and productivity for future generations. 

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