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Bird & Wild will soon be one of the UK's fully recyclable coffee brands.

100% domestically recyclable coffee packaging is incoming....

We've finalised the design for our new 100% recyclable coffee packaging. To say that getting to a fully domestically recyclable coffee bag has been a challenge is an understatement - it's been like pulling teeth!

Why is recyclable coffee packaging so difficult?

See link with full explanation here:

When will this domestically recyclable packaging be ready?

The 200g bags will be ready late January 2021 as the lead time for this incredibly specialist cutting edge packaging is very popular globally.

The 500g and 1kg bean products will probably be in recyclable bags earlier than that..say December 2020.

Why don't we use biodegradable/compostable packaging?

A couple of years ago, the coffee industry was all talking about compostable packaging as the solution, but that now rapidly moved to recyclable packaging instead...


It turns out it's a nightmare to make from a production point of view, often results in stale product (keeping it air-tight is an issue) and then probably the biggest problem is where you can compost the end product as it needs to be industrially composted.

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