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Happy Migratory Bird Day from Bird & Wild Bird Friendly Coffee

A slightly belated Happy Migratory Bird Day on 9 May organised by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, which is based out of the Conservation Biology Institute and the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. 

We like the quote from Smithsoian Migratory Bird Center's Chief Executive, Dr. Scott Sillett:

“Bird migration connects us with other people along birds’ migration routes—like it connects me with Bird Friendly coffee farmers—but also to the planet we are lucky enough to share."

In the words of a Bird Friendly coffee grower in Colombia, "We are defenders of the forest. We did it for the love that we have for the birds. Not only do we love them, but also in them we have found great collaborators. We are giving the birds space to live in peace, while they help us keep pests and other enemies of our coffee away from our crops.”

While many humans remain indoors, migratory birds have already embarked on their northbound journeys.These simple actions in and around the house can make a difference for birds as they travel this World Migratory Bird Day and every day.

“We have 50% fewer songbirds today than we had just 40 years ago, so that tells us there’s something very wrong with the ecosystem supporting those birds, and those are the same ecosystems supporting us.” - Bird Friendly Program Co-Founder, Dr. Robert Rice. 

When you drink Bird Friendly coffee, you support growers proudly serving biodiversity. Please celebrate Migratory Bird Day by brewing some Bird Friendly coffee.





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