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Free UK Shipping for orders over £35
Free UK shipping over £35

Can we supply your Office, Cafe, Stadium, Submarine or Space Station?

Do you fancy doing your bit for the environment and helping the RSPB one cup at a time? 

We can supply you.

Bird & Wild already supplies some big companies with all their office coffee, so that they can make a positive impact every time they want a cup of java.

We also supply some independent cafes with Shade Grown and Bird Friendly coffee along with POS and imagery for their cafes.


We can offer our Fairtrade Organic Bird Friendly coffee range in 500g and 1kg bags at wholesale prices - all freshly roasted to order.  

We also support you with information, brand assets, and POS to help educate your customers on our Bird Friendly and Shade Grown coffees. 

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