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3 billions birds lost in the North America since 1970

This week, Science published a paper co-authored by scientists from our center with the astounding finding that the U.S. and Canada have lost about 3 billion birds since 1970.

This is even bigger than the loss of roughly 1 in 4 birds over 50 years—as indicators of overall environmental health, a loss in bird populations impacts us all. You can read more in the New York Times, Nat Geo, the Washington Post and more.

The Smithsonian Institute, which certifies Bird Friendly Coffee, has launched, the website launched from the paper above, lists sourcing Bird Friendly® coffee as a consumer action that saves habitat and species.

The power of the individual is collectively making decisions, which influences how people, countries, companies and governments act. Bird Friendly Coffee is a small part of that, but we all have to play our part in many aspects of our lives.



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