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Free UK shipping over £35

How much have we donated to the RSPB so far?

Bird & Wild Coffee donates 6% of all our sales to the RSPB Wildlife Charity.

Since we launched in September 2017, the current total of funds we've donated to the RSPB wildlife charity is:


That's the equivalent of:

- Creating 336,969 square metres of precious heathland


- Creating 151,635 metres of wildlife friendly hedgerow


How many other coffee companies do as much as this?

We think we're globally unique for giving 6% of all our sales to charity.

Watch out for "ethical" brands donating a "% of profits"...this can mean absolutely anything.

Some very well known food and drink brands, not naming names, have offered a percentage of profits, then using clever accounting strategies, have had almost zero profits available for their ethical goals.

A percentage of sales is clear and honest about what we give back.

Correct as of: May 2022