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Light Roast, Fairtrade, Organic, Shade Grown Coffee - 1kg

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About Bird & Wild Coffee

For every bag of Bird & Wild sold, you are helping the RSPB, the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Centre & the Fairtrade Foundation.

Working in partnership with the RSPB, 6% of sales is donated to the RSPB to help give nature a home, as well as being Certified Fairtrade and Organic.

Bird & Wild only roasts seasonal coffee certified as Bird Friendly & Shade-Grown by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Centre & contributes to support their research and conservation programs.

Our coffees are naturally grown under the rainforest canopy, a haven for birds and other wildlife & ideal conditions for nurturing deliciously different beans with a taste of the wild.

In the shade of tropical highland agroforestry systems, where the coffee shrubs grow beneath a diverse canopy of shade trees, coffee is allowed to develop complex, distinctive and smooth flavours.

Bird Friendly Certified coffees are grown on forest farms that protect the diverse tree canopy, providing a haven to threatened migratory birds, insects and other wildlife.

Cupping Notes

Vibrantly aromatic light roast coffee boasting delicate fruity notes and a crisp, clean finish. 100% Organic Arabica Coffee.

Strength 1

How much have we donated to the RSPB so far?

Over £56,000 donated by Bird & Wild to the RSPB since 2017.

About Our Packaging

- PE4 recyclable packaging include PE4 labels. Glass packaging for instant coffee.

- Compostable or cardboard outer packaging.

- Shredded cardboard for internal protection (instead of bubble wrap).


- Global Impact Award at UK Sustainable Business Awards - 

Bag Sizes Available

1KG bags net weight - ground for all coffee makers and whole beans.

Vegan Friendly

Bird & Wild is the Vegan Friendly coffee choice - we fulfill all three key factors as recommended by Urban Vegan: we are Organic, Shade Grown and Bird Friendly - and we donate 6% of all our sales to the RSPB Wildlife Charity.


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International shipping rate varies on quantity and location.

Coffee Preparation

Use fresh water for boiling. Once boiled, let the kettle cool for a few minutes, since boiling water burns the coffee. It is always best to put too much coffee in than too little. You can always dilute the coffee if it is too strong. A rough guide is 12 grams of coffee for every 180ml of water.

Coffee Storage

Keep your coffee in an airtight container in a cool, dark, dry place. It is that simple. Preferably use within 3 weeks.

International shipments

Please keep in mind that customs duties might apply for purchases outside the U.K. Such fees must be covered by the customer.

Light Roast, 1Kg, Fairtrade Organic Shade Grown Coffee - Bird & Wild Coffee
Light Roast, Fairtrade, Organic, Shade Grown Coffee - 1kg Sale price£24.99

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