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Swiss Water Decaf Decaffeinated Organic Coffee Beans - 6x1kg

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Bird & Wild RSPB DECAF Coffee Beans - CASE OF 6 x 1KG - Fairtrade Organic Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated Coffee, Strength 3

CASE OF 6 x 1kg BAGS

Cupping Notes

A seasonally sourced blend of South & Central American beans, medium roasted to produce a smooth and versatile coffee with dark chocolate tones, balanced acidity and bright floral aromas. 100% Organic Arabica Coffee. Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated Coffee.

About Bird & Wild

For every bag of Bird & Wild sold, you are helping the RSPB Charity, Soil Association & the Fairtrade Foundation.

Working in partnership with the RSPB, 6% of sales is donated to the RSPB to help give nature a home, as well as being Certified Fairtrade and Organic. 

Bird & Wild only roasts seasonal coffee certified as Bird Friendly & Shade-Grown by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Centre & contributes to support their research and conservation programs.

Our coffees are naturally grown under the rainforest canopy, a haven for birds and other wildlife & ideal conditions for nurturing deliciously different beans with a taste of the wild.

In the shade of tropical highland agroforestry systems, where the coffee shrubs grow beneath a diverse canopy of shade trees, coffee is allowed to develop complex, distinctive and smooth flavours.

Bird Friendly Certified coffees are grown on forest farms that protect the diverse tree canopy, providing a haven to threatened migratory birds, insects and other wildlife.

About the Swiss Water Decaf Process

The Swiss Water Process is environmentally friendly, chemical-free, 99.9% caffeine-free, whilst having great taste.

At Swiss Water, they use water from the coast mountains of British Columbia to gently remove the caffeine until the coffee beans are 99.9% caffeine-free, while maintaining the bean's distinctive origin and flavour characteristics.

If the decaf you’re consuming has the Swiss Water logo on it, you can be sure that no chemicals were used to remove the caffeine from the coffee.

Strength 3.


Swiss Water Decaf Organic Coffee - Case 6x1kg - Bird & Wild Coffee
Swiss Water Decaf Decaffeinated Organic Coffee Beans - 6x1kg Sale price£162.99

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